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Bankruptcy laws have various ways to help those in need of debt relief. If you are being plagued by creditors and facing foreclosure there are paths to block the phone calls and possibly save your home. Our bankruptcy lawyers can provide you with the correct information needed to put you into the bankruptcy program that fits your needs. Stop repossession of automobiles and recreational property through the bankruptcy process.

General Information Fort Myers Bankruptcy

When you need bankruptcy help you require an experienced lawyer with cheap or affordable attorney fees. Many people who have filed bankruptcy have paid over two thousand dollars and greater for attorney fees but with us our cheap bankruptcy attorneys care. It is ironic that attorneys charge so much for attorney fees when the very individuals they are representing are in the worst possible financial spots with little to no money. It’s not enough for attorneys to say they care without showing compassion with attorney fees while you and your families need legal help.

Regular attorneys licensed in Florida are not able to aid you in the bankruptcy process because only those who have completed additional requirements mandated by the US Federal Bankruptcy Courts are eligible to file your case in the bankruptcy courts.

If you require an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Ft Myers or cheap bankruptcy attorney in Cape Coral or even a cheap bankruptcy lawyer in North Port you need to contact our service.


Fort Myers Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer from $699

Federal Bankruptcy filing fees are $306 for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Fort Myers Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Florida from $999

Federal Bankruptcy filing fees are $283 for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Additional Cost for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Two credit counseling online courses costing $50 and download of three credit reports direct to the Court electronic document system costing $30.

Fort Myers Chapter 7 bankruptcy works with the liquidation of assets if applicable and the discharge of unsecured debts with the ability to your homestead property and vehicle following a consultation with one of our affordable lawyers to see if you qualify for a chapter 7.

Fort Myers Chapter 13 bankruptcy works with individuals or couples with income able to make a payment schedule for some or all of the debts to the court appointed trustees. Repayment to creditors can be done over a three to five year time frame.

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